ROSOMA - DEG DeveloPPP Project Brazil & Peru

Project Brazil & Peru

Latin american delegation visited the company Rügen Fisch AG in Sassnitz

September 19th, 2018 was the day to know how ROSOMA technology for fish processing performs and, as the company Rügen Fisch AG states in his website, produces healthy and tasty traditional and modern fish specialities, resulting in simply "fish at its best".

"Located directly at the Baltic Sea, Rügen Fisch is the largest German manufacturer of canned fish. With four production sites, we count on up to  850 employess and annual turnover of of around 140 million euros", explained the production manager Dipl. Ing. Robert Musch. Musch welcomed participants from Brazil lead by prof. Marcus Seferin and from Peru lead by prof. Renzo Astorne. Participants from the companies ROSOMA and Envitecpro were also present. 

After the obligatory instructions on the higienic procedures and wearing of personal protectivequipment required participants started the visit to the production site. They got acquainted with the several steps for the production of canned fish: storage of different ingredients, its mixing to many diferent sauces, how conveyor belts run all over the industrial plant, transporting cans for the filling of fish and sauces, quality control and pasteurising steps, among others. One highlight of the technology based on ROSOMA's expertise, was the large defrosting system used for the herring, the fish which is mostly used at this production site of Rügen Fisch.

Further interesting facts about sustainability were pointed out by Robert Mush: "Environmentally sustainable fishing methods and responsible exploitation of fish stocks we face out by only processing fish from MSC certified fisheries as well as  from capture done by EU countries or Norway in specific FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) fishing areas. For processing certificates  we keep updated with IFS higher level certificate (HACCP), certified organic and inspected by QAL GmbH, Vierkirchen (DE-ÖKO-060) and Kosher Certificate (parve), accredited by Rabbi Y. Ehrenberg, Community Rabbi of Berlin".

After the visit, participants went to the factory's outlet and own bistro and enjoyed  tasty fish rolls and open sandwiches with salmon, Bismarck herring and soused herring, enjoying the maritime scenery from the bistro's terrace.