ROSOMA - DEG DeveloPPP Project Brazil & Peru

Project Brazil & Peru

Participants from PUCPeru, ROSOMA and envitecpr join 6th workshop at PUCRS Living 360

PUCRS opened its doors to students and professors participating in the Rosoma Project. The 6th workshop, event promoted by the School of Sciences on May 20, 2019. Participants from Lima, Peru and Rostock, Germany,  met students and professors from Porto Alegre at PUCRS at the recently refurbished and equipped building  Living 360°.

The event was designed to update experiences and knowledge about results and expections within the project. The coordinator of the project in Brazil, prof. Marcus Seferin presented the initial remarks about the project development so far and activities to be done till December 2019, when the project officialy ends in Brazil. Prof. David Cháves Muñoz followed to present the activities done in Lima at the PUCP, pointing out that the project in Peru is going to last till March 2020. After the introduction, there were presentations and discussions according to  the agenda (see below).

For the students of the food and Innovation Science course, the impressions were positive. Ricardo Martins ponted out that "This edition of the workshop was very interesting and productive, meeting Dr Griebenow and Mrs. Kohlmann once again, sharing our current state on the project as also answering their questions and taking notes on new possibilities for the future. This time, we were also able to meet Dr Muñoz from PUCP for the first time, get his perspectives, his knowledge, and his goals, visualizing how we could align our ideas and help each other." Martins concludes "We discussed the best course of action from here forward and vowed to share relevant information from here on out."

"I am participating of the project from the very beginning" said Luiz Alfredo Godinho Luz. The sutend completes "I have gained self-confidence to work in an international project and extra motivation to learn German".

6th Workshop of the Rosoma Project "Responsible and efficient use of fish and seafood and their safe processing in the food industry"

Date:                Monday May 20, 2019

Time:                2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Location:          PUCRS, Building living 360°, room 218

Av. Ipiranga 6681, bairro Partenon, Porto Alegre

Participants:     project partners from Peru, Germany and Brazil, students of the courses of Gastronomy, Nutrition and Food Science and Innovation


Moderation: Dr. Maria Elisabete Haase-Möllmann

Presentations of each 20 min followed by a discussion of 30 min


 - "Chances and Risk Analysis for responsible and efficient use of fish in Brazil", prof. Dr. Marcus Seferin, PUCRS

 - "Products for the end-consumer market: canning technologies", Dr. Olaf Griebenow, Rosoma GmbH

- "Food security: challenge in Peru and automation as a possible solution", prof. Dr. David Cháves Muñoz, PUCP

- "Update on the subject of fish process and its environmental impact", student Ricardo Martins, PUCRS