ROSOMA - DEG DeveloPPP Project Brazil & Peru

Project Brazil & Peru

Meeting with the DEG office in Lima

ROSOMA met the representative of DEG in Lima at 8th of NOvember 2017. Mrs. Yris Pulido Huertas welcomed us. DEG has an local client in the field of aquaculture and she personally is well connected to the company Hayduk in Peru with the well known brand for fish-cans “Campo Mar”. She will contact them and present our project to the representatives.

The main fish market in Callhao, Lima

On Wednesday morning the ROSOMA Team went to one of the biggest fish markets in Peru in Lima-Ventanilla. It is the place where all the fish - caught in the night before - came by Trucks for sale. It is not a market for private consumption but for fish distributors

Meetings and Workshop at the PUCP (Ponticia University Catholica of Peru) in November 2017


ROSOMA had a meeting with Prof. Isabel Quispe and Prof. Ian Rowe Vasquez at the PUCP to discuss the project status and to plan the next steps at 7th November. Prof. Quispe announced that Prof. Eduardo Ísmodes will join the project team. He is responsible for international collaborations within the PUCP Engineering department. Unfortunately he was travelling, so a follow-up meeting has been scheduled for Friday 9.00 o´clock which finally had to postponed to skype-conference



After this meeting ROSOMA hold a workshop with three students of the PUCP (Kevin Astuhuamán, Kurt Ziegler and Diego Cisneros). They already worked for the project. Kurt comes from the research team and will start investigating  the conditions of the peruan fish industry. Kevin Astoumuah and Diego Cisneros has been elected to support the ROSOMA Team at the Expo Pesca fair in Lima from 8th to 10th of November. ROSOMA presented the standard of technology, its products and the difficulties on fish processing. The workshop covered also the technology developments for more sustainable use of the resource fish and fish-offals.

ROSOMA as exhibitor at the fair "Expopesca Acuiperu", 8th-10th November 2017

On the 7th in the morning ROSOMA prepared its exhibition booth at Expo Pesca AcuiPeru. One day before the fair started, everybody was still working on its stands and didn´t look like that it will be ready in time. But ROSOMA finalized its booth, only the monitor was still missing.

It has been the first exposition day for ROSOMA at a Latin American fair. For three days all suppliers for the fish industry will present itselves. So ROSOMA had different meetings with fish processing companies, the ministry for production, the fishing association and “la Sociedad National de Pesquera” as well as with the main journals for the fish industry in Peru.

Meeting with the PUCP in Lima

After our visit in Porto Alegre we travelled to Lima. On July 10th we had some meetings with our additional collaborating university "Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú" and organised also a workshop with students from the course of study "industrial engineering". The team were very well received and warmly welcomed.

First we met the student research team which will evaluate all necessary data about the fishing sector in Peru. In our workshop we presented ROSOMA as a company for the planning and constructing of complete lines for the fish processing. Furthermore the team invited the students to participate within the project and described the opportunities as participants. An international development project allows different kind of participation and grant a lot of contacts.

In November the students will present the first research results to the team and our partner organisations.

Meetings with other organsations and institutions

During the following two days we met Mrs. Schwarten from the AHK in Lima, Mr. Krammenschneider, Director from GIZ Peru, Mr. Merluzzi from the Peruvian company Prisco S.A., Mr. Dr. Schmitt from the German embassy and Mr. Manrique and Mr. Mussio both from the Sociedad Nacional de Pesqueria. We had a lot of fruitful discussions and received a lot of new information on the fishing industry in Peru.