ROSOMA - DEG DeveloPPP Project Brazil & Peru

Project Brazil & Peru

Workshop with students of PUCRS

ROSOMA (Dr. Griebenow, Mr. Bröcker) and Envitecpro (Mrs. Kohlmann) hold a workshop with students from different course of studies in a interdiszipliary course for projects by Prof. Seferin and Prof. Haase-Möllmann. The students were very interested in details of fish-processing. ROSOMA presented the different types of processing. Mrs. Kohlmann explained the details of the project and Dr. Griebenow invited the students to participate within the project. In addition he represented the university of Rostock and in particular Prof. Paschen. The German university is interested in a deeper exchange with the PUCRS and its students. Insofar Dr. Griebenow explained the opportunities also to the students.

Prof. Seferin will intergrate specific tasks of the project into the next semester. All students shall proof some participation in a project. This project has the big advantage to provide a lot of contacts to the students as from international organizations, political institutions and national and international companies.