ROSOMA - DEG DeveloPPP Project Brazil & Peru

Project Brazil & Peru

PUCRS and ROSOMA organised a 2nd Workshop at the PUCRS on 16th of November 2017

Prof. Haase Möllmann, Prof. Seferin and their students organised the 2nd Workshop with the participation of a Mr. Nuncia of the governmental administration of the department Bahia, Brazil, Dr. Griebenow from ROSOMA and three project teams of the PUCRS (1. Mr. Dillenburg, Mr. Godinho, Mr. Dalmas; 2. Mrs. Cunha, Mrs. Castro, Mrs. Lisot; 3. Mrs. Izahias de Oliveira, Mr. Maciel)


Mr. Nuncio described the legal regulations for the fish industry and in particular the differences between the protections of fish species as Bagre in the departments of Santa Catarina, Parana and Rio Grande do Sul. Furthermore In particular Rio Grande do Sul misses a clear regulation for fishfarming so no environmental approvals are given to potential investors and as a consequence this sector suffers the competetive situation with Santa Catarina and Panana. Dr. Griebenow presented the sustainable fish processing technology of ROSOMA and the potential applications in Brazil. The 1st project team presented their ideas for a sustainable consumption of Tilapia in Brazil, the 2nd project team developed the idea of a fish paté of Traíra, a regional well known and accepted fish specie, the 3rd project team analysed the fish processing chain under environmental aspects.


The Workshop was very well attended by company representatives, professors and students from different faculties.